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Capitalism: A Fundraiser [11 Nov 2009|06:31pm]


Capitalism: A Fundraiser

Help raise funds for Sydney's Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (HRAFF - http://www.hraff.org.au) by attending tomorrow night's 7pm screening of Capitalism: A Love Story, the new Michael Moore film.

7pm, Cinema 6
George St Cinemas
George St, Sydney

Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore's new documentary, will explore the root causes of the global economic meltdown and take a comical look at the corporate and political shenanigans that culminated in what Moore described as 'the biggest robbery in the history of this country' - the massive transfer of U.S. taxpayer money to private financial institutions.
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Runaway Daughters: arts fundraiser [26 Oct 2009|07:45pm]


Runaway Daughters

8pm - 11pm Thurs October 29th
The Red Rattler (http://redrattler.org/)
6 Faversham St, Marrickville (off Sydneyham Rd)

Ungus Ungus Ungus
Shady Trees
La Gloria
Ex Trendy

Magician Peng Huang
Hoola hoopers The Ooo'lala's
and live body painting

Cost: $12

For the mere cost of $12, join us this Thursday for a full night's entertainment raising funds for next year's Seen and Heard (http://www.seenandheardfilms.com) film festival, a not-for-profit event promoting the hard work of women in film set for great heights next year at Sydney's the Red Rattler.
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women's film festival - x-posted [03 Nov 2008|07:14pm]

Hi all,
I'm putting together a film festival to promote women's cinema and video art in reaction to the following:

The film industry shuts out both women filmmakers and audiences. Making just more than half the population, there are huge numbers of women who belong to at least one of these two parties. The problem is not a lack of women who wish to work as filmmakers: the numbers of film school graduates are evenly male and female. Despite this, only 4% of directors are women.

In the history of the Academy Awards, only three women have been nominated for Best Director (none of them have won). Sofia Coppola was the last woman to be nominated, in 2003, for Lost in Translation. Prior to this, Jane Campion was nominated in 1993 for The Piano. The third, and the first woman ever to be nominated, was Lina Wertmüller in 1976 for her film Seven Beauties. There has never been an Academy Award nomination for a woman cinematographer.


I am VERY EAGER for submissions of all varieties of film - shorts, features, video art, doccos, etc. - please drop me a line at adolphusmaritime@gmail.com and I will send you an application form.

Please consider!
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attention women. [30 Nov 2007|10:27am]

Attention all women filmmakers -
I've made a website called Seen and Heard (http://www.seenandheardfilms.com) to promote the work of known and unknown women filmmakers. Women are a serious minority in filmmaking - women are known to make up only 4% of directors, but are half of film school graduates. For more stats, click here: http://www.moviesbywomen.com/stats_celluloid_ceiling_2006.php

I am looking for women who are interested in posting trailers, clips, short films, essays - pieces of writing of any length - to the site. Please comment or email me at knitonepurltwo@gmail.com. I want to build a site that is informative, resourceful and enjoyable - somewhere visitors can come to learn about women directors and experience their work, and to feel like part of a community. Please contribute.
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[16 Oct 2007|04:11am]

hello all,
i hope this is an appropriate place for this question... i need some australian film help and i'm not turning anything up, so you just might be my last hope!

i review movies for the city paper in baltimore, maryland, USA, and each week i like to do one current movie and one of my personal faves that i adore but others might not have heard of. for like TWO YEARS now i've been wanting to feature love serenade, but i cannot find it anywhere! it's an australian movie, this i know for sure, so does anyone have this movie in avi or quicktime or ipod format (ANY format, i just want to see it!) or if you have a dvd, could you possibly rip it and send it to me?

i realize this is a big request, but i thought i'd put it out there just in case someone can hook me up without going through too much trouble, because i'm sort of desperate!

in return i'd be happy to trade any movie/music anyone wants, to thank you for your trouble, anything you'd like, because you'd be doing me such a favor. thanks :)!
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